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Incredible Ontario Wilderness Adventures!

Situated at Cochrane, Ontario, Cochrane Air Services has been providing remote fishing and hunting vacations for over 40 years. We truly have the most incredible fly in wilderness outpost adventures in Ontario, if not all of Canada. If you are looking for a fly-in fishing trip with excellent pike, walleye and brook trout fishing then you need to look no further than our 20 + outpost cabins and lakes. Our fly in outpost cabins are well supplied and maintained, with excellent equipment.

Virgin-quality Fishing

We have virgin-quality fishing. This is due to the remoteness of the lakes, government protected areas/seasons and our progressive catch and release fishing policies that keep the fish in the lake! In addition, we limit the bookings of our outposts to only six weeks per year even though our fishing season runs for 20 weeks. This limited fishing pressure means incredible pike, walleye and brook trout fishing. You can certainly keep one or two slot sized fish for shore lunch and the rest go back for others to catch.

Fly-in Moose Hunts

Our fly-in moose hunts offer you the remoteness that is becoming difficult to find in other areas. Traditional success rates for groups harvesting or seeing a moose is over 80%. Air Cochrane is issued a limited number of adult moose tags each season. You need to book your hunt early for the best locations!

Create Your Own Outdoor Adventure

If you are looking to create your own adventure in the Cochrane area, we are a year round licensed and insured air carrier operating two DHC-2 Beaver aircraft and one Cessna 180 aircraft. There are a handful of rivers that flow into James Bay which are accessible by air for an incredible canoe adventure.


Cochrane Air Services LP are no longer issuers of Outdoors Cards or licences.
Outdoors Cards, fishing licences & hunting licences must be purchased prior to you arrival through the Service Ontario Website or local issuing offices.


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